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Be prepared for success, adventure and everything.

Be prepared for a successful life. While 2007 was the centenary of the scouting movement as a whole, this year is more meaningful for me, because 2016 marks 100 years of the Cubs, and I loved my time as a Cub. When I think back to my childhood, many of my most...

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Henry the Hedgegnome

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Nigel Kennedy – Four Seasons in one Sunday

Nigel Kennedy – The New Four Seasons. There is an old saying in musical circles that goes: Give a man a fish, and he will eat for a day – Give him a violin, and he will play Vivaldi. I might have just made that up, but there is definitely an inextricable...

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RICHARD HEDDINGTON is a Photographer based in Devon in South West England, but he has also swum with sharks, great whales and friendly dolphins. Admittedly, they weren’t very close, but he was in the sea, so they were there somewhere.

Widely travelled, each year he covers a similar distance to that of Michael Palin, usually about 584 million miles. If you need to contact him, now is a good time because in six months time he expects to be on the other side of the sun.

This year he is celebrating his 98th birthday and 40 years as a top selling author. He is neither 98 nor a top selling author (yet), but feels that if he waits until he is, he will be too old to appreciate it.

He is currently grappling with the concept of writing in the third person.



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