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How to publish a children’s book in one simple lifetime.

So, you want to publish a children’s book? They say everyone has a book inside them, and that's often where it stays. As Pink Floyd said on Dark Side Of The Moon: Plans that either come to naught or half a page of scribbled lines. But, sometimes, it's really just a...

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One small step for Nan.

One small step for Nan. As Tim Peake hurtles around the Earth faster than a toddler on blue Smarties (other sweets are available), the nation is swept by the biggest outbreak of space fever since NASA's Skylab fell back to the earth. At the same time as Tim was...

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RICHARD HEDDINGTON is a Photographer based in Devon in South West England, but he has also swum with sharks, great whales and friendly dolphins. Admittedly, they weren’t very close, but he was in the sea, so they were there somewhere.

Widely travelled, each year he covers a similar distance to that of Michael Palin, usually about 584 million miles. If you need to contact him, now is a good time because in six months time he expects to be on the other side of the sun.

Richard Heddington as GingerThis year he is celebrating his 98th birthday and 40 years as a top selling author. He is neither 98 nor a top selling author (yet), but feels that if he waits until he is, he will be too old to appreciate it.

He is currently grappling with the concept of writing in the third person.