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What women want. The secret of relationships.

What women want. Uncountable man-hours of speculation and research have gone into discovering what women want. Getting an understanding of the female mind is said to be as impossible as getting out of a TalkTalk contract, and it's thought to be cloaked in mystery....

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Why moving house is so stressful.

The stress of moving house. As soon as you mention that you are moving house, someone will tell you about the stress involved. "They say it’s one of the most stressful things you can do,” is the helpful advice you will receive. “They say it’s as stressful as having a...

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Child safety and the danger of the school run.

Child safety and the future of mankind. I have written before about the hardships of life as a grandparent, but with our granddaughter soon to start school, there is a new hurdle to face. And I don’t mean the fact that she knows everything already.   Having run the...

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